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Path to Customer Service Area
The Massachusetts Port Authority consolidated nine airport rental car operations into a four-level 1.2 million square foot parking garage with a customer service center. This new facility is improving air quality, reducing noise and beautifying the airport’s Southwest Service Area. Brown, Richardson + Rowe designed the landscape to change this vehicle-oriented site into a safe and welcoming place for pedestrians and bicyclists. The new multi-use path connects the Harborwalk to Airport Station and the East Boston Greenway. The plantings reduce heat islands and increase the extent of permeable areas. The project achieved a LEED Gold certification in March 2015.
Fennick McCredie (garage)
PGAL (Customer Service Area)
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Grand Conceptor Award for Engineering Excellence, March 2014
Aerial view of 49 acre ConRAC site during construction. ConRAC abuts Memorial Stadium Park
Mature trees in new park screen garage behind them from adjacent residential neighborhood
Permeable paving absorbs stormwater runoff