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Corporate / Commercial
Pier Walkway on Mill Pond
Saracen Properties is renovating the 50 acre mill complex, previously known as Clock Tower Place, in Maynard with Margulies Peruzzi Architects and Brown, Richardson + Rowe. The former woolen manufacturing complex along the Assabet River will become a lively business center with numerous retail and restaurant opportunities. Fencing and plantings had separated the mill complex from the downtown. The new open spaces will extend directly out to Main Street and provide green space for both the public and mill employees. The Gateway Plaza will welcome people from Main Street into the heart of the mills and will feature a trellis and seating. The Common, a large courtyard, will feature a curved trellis, tables and chairs, and colorful plantings. An outdoor eating area overlooks the mill pond and connects to the pier walkway that crosses over the water to a new brewpub.
Saracen Properties
Margulies Peruzzi Architects
Nitsch Engineering
Margulies Peruzzi Architects
Wood Seatwalls at Central Stairs
Gateway Plaza and The Common welcome people from Main Street