Gateway City Parks Program
Veterans Memorial Park, Holyoke, MA
In 2007, the Gateway City Parks Program was established by the Commonwealth to advance park equity and improve open space quality in 26 designated “Gateway Cities.” These targeted investments provide the kind of park and recreational opportunities essential to the well-being of urban residents. Cities often lack the resources to plan and develop parks. This program provides funding options for all phases of park development. Funding can be used for brownfield assessment, park planning and recreational needs assessments – including Open Space and Recreation Plans – activities not previously eligible for state parks funding. Brown, Richardson + Rowe helps identify potential projects, evaluate properties suitable for new public parks and trails, develop plans for new parks, trails and greenways, and provide implementation and preservation of existing parks.
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc. (now Stantec)
Horsley Witten Group, Inc.
Irrigation, Management & Services
McGinley Kalsow and Associates
SMC, Surveying and Mapping Consultants
Jeffrey Byrnes
Gateway City Parks Program
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Mill River Park, Taunton MA