Boston College Gasson Hall

At Boston College in Chestnut Hill, the view down Linden Avenue toward Gasson Hall and the eagle perched on a stone column is magical.  The Maginnis and Walsh English Collegiate Gothic structure speaks to the first time visitor about the school’s character.  Mature trees frame the axial entry to the symmetrical cast stone façade, windows and tower.  With the assistance of McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Boston College has restored the building.  To preserve its historic character, Brown, Richardson & Rowe designed two unobtrusive accessible ways to the ground floor that preserve the marvelous stairs, the eagle and the symmetrical facade and planting around the building. The new masonry walls, railings, paving, trees, shrubs and ground cover are appropriate to the style of this important building.

View to new accessible ramps, courtesy Gary Wayne Gilbert

View to new accessible ramps, courtesy Gary Wayne Gilbert

“Stunning” and “spectacular” are the words that most people use to describe the newly completed renovation of the University’s most iconic building, Gasson Hall, says Executive Vice President Patrick Keating. “The building is approaching 100 years old and looks new,” Keating said of the multi-year renovation project that was completed in August of 2011. “The whole team did a fabulous job restoring this building to its original character and they accomplished the task literally to the day called for in the schedule.”

“I think that ‘stunning’ captures it quite nicely,” adds Associate Vice President for Capital Projects Mary Nardone, who helped to oversee the complex project that has restored the signature Collegiate Gothic-style building and bell tower to pristine form for Boston College’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2012-13 and provides modern and spacious classroom, study and administrative facilities for the current academic year and well beyond.

Gasson Hall front entry, courtesy Gary Wayne Gilbert

Gasson Hall front entry, courtesy Gary Wayne Gilbert

In addition to a complete replacement of all of Gasson’s exterior pre-cast stone, the building got new weather-tight windows, stairways and entrance porticos and accessible ramps.





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