Spring is coming!

Brown, Richardson + Rowe has 30 years+ of experience working with residential clients to transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful, low maintenance, sustainable environments while providing innovative design solutions.

Stone walkway

Our objective is to effectively guide clients through the design process from concept to completed construction.

The first step is to develop a program based on the client’s needs and desires.  The design concept may include areas for outdoor entertaining, solitude and play.  We have experience detailing everything from trellises, courtyards, decks, terraces, paths, pools, fountains, walls and fences.  Our clients ask for gardens of different types including kitchen, flower, perennial or native gardens or gardens to attract wildlife.

Cool summer retreat

As stewards of the land, we do encourage the use of native and drought tolerant plants, reduction of irrigated lawn, and permeable paving within the design.  We strive to provide solutions that maximize natural systems to minimize energy use (i.e. planting deciduous trees on the south side of a residence which provides shade in the summer and sun in the winter, helps to reduce energy costs and creates a healthy residential environment).

Welcoming entrance gate

We create comfortable spaces with beautiful and enduring garden elements and planting that bring color and interesting textures to the gardens throughout the year.

Seaside Grasses and Perennials

For more information, check out our website: http://brownrowe.com/portfolio/residential/projects

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