Riverfront Farm Master Plan

In the summer of 2012, Brown, Richardson + Rowe was hired to develop a master plan for a beautiful 56-acre private property in rural New Hampshire which includes a farm house,  barn and outbuildings, a working vegetable gardens and hay fields, and acres of conservation lands.

Riverfront Farm Master Plan

View of Farm

The planning effort began with the development of a program of site requirements ranging from small to large scale land uses that the owners wished to accommodate on their property.  BRR developed an overall vision including ideas for short and long-term improvements for the estate, farm and forest land.

Riverfront Farm Master Plan

Preliminary Plan Diagram

Proposed projects ranged from areas for grazing livestock, hay production, an apple orchard to vegetable and flower Community Sustained Agriculture gardens and fruit production.  We located compost and mulch piles, livestock pens and chicken coops, pig and goat pastures, and rotating grazing pastures for cattle.  The layout of fencing, water and electric lines, green houses and equipment storage was also considered.For the area surrounding the main house, we laid out a naturalistic swimming pool and explored the program for renovating existing structures for an apartment and studio, horse stalls and paddocks, garage and parking improvements, site walls, patios, planting beds, and lawn areas.

Riverfront Farm Master Plan

Schematic Plan for Estate Area

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